Am a girl, mother of one angel baby boy, got lost in translation… trying to find my life again…

I have a passion for Photography..but I’m just an amateur- and as amateur(french) means ‘love of ‘- yeah..you could say I really Love photography!

I also have an obsession for the care of my skin..and I am constantly learning and reading about  the best ways to keep your face young and healthy, and testing the market for great ways to do it.

My Dressing room…this is a delicate subject still, because it’s a mess!  after I gave birth..I had some serious amounts of weight on ..so..I will make it a topic in another page 🙂

As you could imagine, I’m also very concerned about what I   EAT! some would say I’m always on a diet- I call it…healthy eating..- but could not say no to any junk food from time to time-so I’m quite flexible!

PS: as I am new to BLOGGING- it takes some time to learn this ‘system’ and how to/what to do!

but I’m trying hard to make it day by day,so I appologise to all my guests and readers, which I greatly appreciate.

[I have the same blog on blogspot,if it’s easier for some to follow me there]