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I was born in a normal middle class family, with great parents and a brother-4 years younger than me. Money was only a problem when I wished things that we could not afford-like gadgets, electronics, or clothes. Beside that…I wouldn’t say I had a difficult life. And I always controled and hidden  my wishes not wanting to hear -‘we can’t afford that darling’.

I can honestly say that I bought my first photo gear somewhere in 1998, when there was no digital around me- so it was analog, and it was quite a cheap one, but for me was super ok- an Olympus.

In 2001- I think, I upgraded to another one with autofocus and some zoom:)) still analog, it was perfect for me-but borrowed it to a friend which lost it, after I used it for maybe 2-3 years.

Came the time for a better camera-this time a Nikon-semi proffesional-still have it but I use it seldom-even if it’s my favourite because it’s still an analog one.

Then came the Canon Era…and digital as well. In this moment I can say I have a good camera thatI can afford and I am happy and pleased with it. I could use a lot more lenses than I already have..but in time I will..:)