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One of my favourites!

     Because it has a great body line, great materials, great classic design, and Great prices!!!

     Had to buy one in April this year, because being in USA I gained some weight… no ideea how (yeah right…), and at the premiere of Romeo and Juliet in February in Philadelphia, the dress I was wearing (a very nice classic Zara dress) actually cracked  (fissured, broke, gave up) on me..you could see my …never mind, you know terrible. 🙂  seriously.. that was crazy.. so I had to sneak out at the break, and could not go back in, for the 3rd act   :(.

    So..I was on a diet..and when we went to Miami, I wore this super nice dress from BCBG,at the premiere of Cyrano (not sure if I can get a picture with me and the dress for you, I’ll see what I can do)!

     Enough  about my diet 🙂  let’s admire some nice dresses ( collection 2011)

This is the one I wore at the premiere.

from left to right (up to down):

//Aegle v-neck pleated cocktail dress 328 $ //Lace Hem dress 118 $//Gabrielle Sequined dress(black) 548 $//(front and back) Jillian Sleeveless Asymmetrical drapy dress 218 $//Halle Shirred lace dress 188 $ //Shirred square-neck dress 228 $//Nadine sequined dress 498 $//Reyna strapless dress 358 $//Neena strapless dress 388 $//Lillie printed dress 178 $//Cailey wool sweater dress 248 $//Gretchen draped dress 248 $(in two colours)//Gabrielle Sequined dress(orange) 548 $// Briana short pleated dress 348 $//Finch dress 318 $//Lurex v-neck dress 398 $//Georgette dress 298 $//Aimee dress 248$// Knit lambwool dress 218 $// (front,back) Laheld draped tunic dress 108 $ (in two colours)// Myra dress 208 $//  Sosie drees 178 $// Sheena long sleeve leopard print dress 348 $//