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As I told you I am coming with news these days.. and yes, the title sais it all – we are trying to cut our expenses a bit, as these days is difficult to find a job as a singer-like my hubby, and we also have to invest a lot in auditions.

So!! we decided to move from our house (big one) in a smaller rented appartment,  to renovate our house and give it for rent. The rent for our house will be at least 3 times more than we would pay on the appartment, so…it’s kind of a ‘deal’.

Of course I will not have my wardrobe..the big bathrooms..the king sized bed.. the huge space that I have now, the open kitchen.. but I’m sure I will handle it for a while.

‘Crazy’ times ask for ‘crazy’ decisions!!

So like I told you these days our house looks like smthing exploded in it…full of boxes, lugagges and packed furniture.. You can imagine I had no time to check for shoes, new trends..and so on..

But it is fun packing my wardrobe…I realise I bought things I never wore :(( which is kind of sad because I know there are girls (people) that don’t have too much..and wish lots of things, and just can’t afford..

Also.. I have things that don’t fit me right now..as I still have to loose some weight post pregnancy 🙂  actually I was kind of a size zero..don’t know if I can be there again, and more I don’t think I wish that, I like a little bit of forms.. :)) and not just be a bag of bones!

I thought to make a full review of things I have in my wardrobe for you ( I’m a normal girl, don’t have anything special, no Louboutins -yet- no Hermes bag, and no..I don’t use the most expensive parfum in the world Clive Christian..) so you have an ideea about my toooo classic style..

Could be Fun!!!!!  I will do this when I will move, and when I start arranging my wardrobe…

Till then..here are just a few instants with my huge  messss…

made them in black&white other wise your eyes would hurt! TRUST Me

still in my room is full of boxes…will make a photo tomorrow …while I’m drowning in this mess!!

Wish everybody a nice evening, day or morning!!! and NO budget cuts!!!!

Yours!       //