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…to us! I mean me and hubby! we celebrate 4 big years of..being together [not marriage-that’s another time 🙂 ] or better, we celebrate the day we met !

and actually..there won’t be a celebration (this year) as we are still in this moving mess…so, no going to a palace for 3 days, or on a cruise..or whatever nice stuff others do.. but we will spend the day together 🙂 all the 3 of us!

I still had to buy a small thing for him,and I like it. Two days ago he bought a very nice winter jersey for me that I liked, so I’ll consider that as a gift 🙂

small boxes hide nice things! love the box, he has another one like this…from Chile, when I bought him another nice one that meantime we have to repair,and so I thought he won’t mind another to wear!!!

well..I like it!

and this is the blouse, jersey that I liked from Zara Knitwear. It looks really nice with skinny jeans, and it’s sooo warm and confy! I love it

* 50 euro (I think the price is a bit high just for a blouse, but in the zara shop everything like blouses or jerseys or even cardigans were at this price-more exactly 49,95 euros)