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Finally, second package arrived!


Yes! I am using daily Paula’s Choice.  Not la mer, not clinique, not chanel or whatever else is on the market..and all the vixens tend to use (no offence to anyone), weather is good or not for the skin.

I never heard of Paula’s Choise before last year. I was making reasearch of skincare, best brands for the skin, ingredients that are good and that are bad for the skin…and so on. Somehow I read some reviews of a book. Yes a book- “Don’t go to the cosmetics counter without me” !

Well, I bought it for my e-book, and read it in some days. 80% of the book, I already knew, as I was always doing my reasearch, what I didn’t know is that she is doing reviews of almost anything that comes out on the market in this department, and she’s good at it!

I mean she tells it how it is! tells you to buy it or not, expensive or not, good or really baaad, mith or truth! I would reccomend this book to all girls and women out there that don’t really know what they are using, or  better, to the ones that want to know what exactly they are putting on their skin. She analyses all ingredients, percentage of each ingredient, and so on..

After a while, I ended up buying her products, also because I could send them back in 60 days if they were no good- which you can’t do with any other product that you buy from the counter. I chose a line fitted for my skin- mixed to oily- the Skin Balancing System, I thought I should start with the basic care, and it had all I needed.

I also bought a 45 SPF protection cream,which is ok-I already tried thousands of them.

I only wanted to try this, if it’s good,and it really works. It’s a brightening teeth stick, I like it.


After more than a month of use,I could see my skin was different. In a good way.

But I had patience, and did not expect 2nd day results -which in anycase it’s not realistic with any product- and used it as she explained, and in the order she said, and I was really astonished, and pleased. Never had this skin before, I always had some minor problems,and did not work out with any cream.

This time is different, and I’m still using of course also other products(creams),that she reviewed and that I like, but the basics and what I need most, is from her line of skincare.

I’m also using from Neutrogena the retinol creams-day and night,which are a miracle for my skin, Paula reviewed them as best from the market,and they really are.

This time I risked and chose also a foundation from Paula,and i really nailed it! i chose as you can see in the first pictures- the ‘Best Champagne Beige’ colour, from Best Face Forward Foundation SPF 15, and it’s perfect with my skin.

I am using for many many years, Clinique foundation-superfit makeup,but they are pulling it off the market, and so I decided to start trying new ones to substitute when I’ll need.

I used along the years, brands like-ChristianDior(no age line), Shiseido(skincare line), Biotherm, Avene, Vichy, Shuuemura, Chanel, Lavera (oraganic), Lavere, Dr. Hauschka, Weleda, Eucerin, Botanics, DDF,  Roc, La Roche Posay, Annemarie Borlind, Aubrey Organics…and many others,these include also make up products from the same brands.

But in my last years I chose to use brands with high spf factor in all creams, and no fragrance or alcohol, so last 3 years I used most of the Clinique products.

Today I’m happy with Paula, but tomorrow who knows..?

With make-up..I’m still experimenting- but I usually use Clinique and Chanel, althought they are not the best; Shiseido has some incredible colours as well, I have to try soon some new line from them; I also like some from Covergirl, Revlon, Mac…and many others..

{ Paula also wrote a best seller about make-up – Blue Eyeshadow Should be Illegal, I’m just wondering ..why..-I think I have to buy the book 🙂 }

For hair…oh god..there are sooo many possibilities…and sooo many good products…that at the end have more or less the same ingredients. We all cook with water someone said. well it’s the same with shampoo,and conditioners and so on.. they are very much the same, but it depends what you like and what you think  makes your hair alive. Of course some of the brands may lie about what the product does, but at the end they will still do the basic thing-wash and clean.

For the moment I use a lot of products from John Frieda the Brilliant Brunette line, and also the Frizz Ease line.

I’m still using Wella proffesional products, L’oreal proffesional products… because they are ok for my hair. I was dissapointed by Tigi(bad head) and Fekkai products in usa, but there are many more out there…

There are sooo many things to say to this chapter..but it would take days just to write.. I’ll just keep you posted with news and reviews for different products.

Take care of your skin!


for Paula’s Choice info you can visit :


and for the best reviews ever!!!! you can visit her other site (the cosmetic cop:) :