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Because they became more fashionably, and many respected  (read: expensive!!!)  labels are trying to make beautiful models, because they are quite confortable, and keep away the water, and because now you can!

Some years ago you wouldn’t think you will wear Rubber boots so chic and colourful and made by big names; well today you can, and you wish…but sometimes..you just can’t afford it, or if you do…you wouldn’t pay so much money for a piece of rubber just because it’s Valentino. At least I wouldn’t!

We exclude the multi million dollar babes here 🙂 sorry girls!

It’s like the ‘Crocs’ trend-  this type of foam, plastic..or whatever, that you wouldn’t really pay the 40-50 euros now on them, and I still can’t believe I payed 65 euros in 2007 on a pair in Italy.. I mean you buy nice leather summer sandals of this price.. I still have them, of course they are undestroyable..I just wear them in the house…right now:)

Anyway!… here are some rubber boots that I chose to show you for this season, you can find all of them on net-a-porter, or you can search them for a better price on other sites.

from left-right/up-down!

//Kors Michael Kors-stormy rubber boots €125// Ralph Lauren Collection-Odette boots €295// Givenchy -rubber equestrian boots  280// Valentino-studded patent rubber knee boots  €470// Burberry -buckled rubber boots €275// Jimmy Choo(for Hunter)-biker wellington boots €315 // DKNY-voyager printed rubber boots  €90// Burberry-emblem wellington boots  €175// Hunter-original tall glitter wellington boots  €110// Dolce&Gabbana-leopard print wellington boots  €175// Burberry €165 // Hunter-regent savoy quilted boots  165 //

Personally I have these Ralph Lauren rubber boots, I bought them in february from Philadelphia, and I am very pleased with them. Maybe I will buy again another pair, but not this year at least..cause I won’t wear them…so it has no sense.

Hope you enjoy this!

I am preparing also a bag shopping session online with affordable prices – meaning under 500 and of leather, and I tell you..it’s not easy when most of the labels exceed 1000 euros per bag.. And yes, it’s and INVESTMENT when you want to buy a bag… but I prefer investing this amount of money in my son’s education in the future.. at least now that I am a mother I see things like this. And of course I don’t blame the ones that afford and throw all that money on these things, it’s their choise, and money!