I just lay low for today, reading different blogs- I’m interested in make-up, what are girls/women using these days, I mean which brands  are more often used…

I will also consult my really good friend Monica from Brasil about some of what she is using ( she-s over 40 but she looks faboulous almost 30-can u believe????) they say it’s in their genes (brasilians)…

I met her at a german class in switzerland, in Basel, and we just conected. She currently lives in Basel ..and she’s always aware of beauty tips and tricks from all over! I’ll have a little help!

So, I wish everybody a really nice Sunday morning, day or evening (depends where u are) and I send u this Autumn pic that I like…made it with my android phone, in the park and just changed it a bit 🙂

Hugs and Kisses!