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Gotta Love and Hate these gorgeous women!!!!!

Tonight is the night! just that all the rest of us (not the ones attending) can only see the show on the 29th november  if I understood well.

        In anycase it will be a great show as always!

The RnB stars Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Cee Lo Green and Maroon 5 will entertain the show; fans of the show can expect also a Degas-inspired ballet scene with dancers in repose, and lots of wings and crystals!

        There will be about 60 costumes, 31 sets of angel wings modelled by 38 models-of which 15 are newcomers!I’m courious!

        I mean you can see already pics all over internet with the bra that Miranda will wear of 2.5 million $ at the show and also the heavy wings of Alessandra that made her work out- it seems – a bit on the back and arms muscles, because they are really heavy to wear on heels and in some tiny sexy bikini:)

  I know I couldn’t!

        And of course they all talk about the preparation of the body for the show,and while some of them tried to gain some pounds (Chanel Iman,Candice Swanepoel) others like Lima tried to eat more or less nothing solid-just shakes and liquids- and make a lot of training. I mean…these girls don’t have it easy..but at the end of the day this is the job,and I’m quite sure they Loveee it!

the 2,5 million $ bra that will Miranda will wear at the show!

the really heavy ‘wings’ that Alessandra Ambrosio will wear

pre fitting  some days before the show with Doutzen Kroes

And!!! what’s happening right now behind the scenes!

some tweets from Doutzen and Alessandra,and some official photos from mailonline. Forgot to tell you, Candice S. from Africa will open the show!

So! I can’t wait to see the show, and wishing good luck and fun to the girls on the show!

And on twitter, happening now! photos made by NomadRJ.