My hubby did not audition for a looong time. Because he didn’t need to. He has quite a career behind,and I admire him very much for his way of being. He was never the type to make ‘close friends’ (read : kiss ass) with the people that hire him, or pay him or get him a job -if you are good you will find a job. He did great jobs,and was correct and honest till the end.

Lately… because the Opera Houses all over,are changing the management departments,the directors and so on.. he is not really selling himself on the European market. Not to mention his agents are now some new ones and we have to have a little patience.. So! he auditioned in Avignon and Hanover, and the result was smthing like:

A.- “Yes he sang very nice, his acutes are great, but he needs to work a bit on his lowest notes and the french language” – most say french critics will critic you no matter what, even if you were perfect, they have to have the last word (no offence to french readers)

H.-“He was brilliant in The Barber, but he wasn’t very lyric and technical in Don Carlos” – my hubby says he sang perfectly correct, no mistakes and no whatever reason, but he said maybe they just didn’t like him,and so on.

Bottom line… He is now doubting his career, and his voice..and his everything. He is on the verge of a depression..and he spent some thousands of euros on these auditions -he says he gained experience 🙂 ha.

I really feel sorry for the young singers that have to face this many many hundreds of times when they are in the beginning…and they feel depressed.. and so on..because it’s true -they are sensible souls that want to give beauty to the rest of the people, and the time they spend soo much working…it’s just incredible.

I’m just trying to motivate him, and be beside him…that’s about all I can do..