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..with some nice anniversary presents.

Went shopping yesterday..hubby said I should buy something nice as anniversary present,cause he feels so..

I said the jacket that I got from him was enough, but he insisted that I buy something nicer- I said …OK, I just can’t refuse it!

I knew exactly what I wanted- a pair of shoes 🙂 kind of bootie, and a bag of course!(never have enough)

You won’t believe me, but it took about 45 minutes, and I was done shopping.

I mean maybe I am not a good shopper, but I do my lessons at home, and then I go straight where I need, I can’t afford to waist time!

After,I spent some time trying other things for fun,and I’ll tell you all about.

First,I show you my goodies,that I’m happy about :

Zara boots. I actually was looking for something shorter, but did not find what I want,and these fitted perfectly.


my new Cristhelen B. bag. I love it. It’s really big and spacey. there were plenty of great colors, but I chose this.


best picture in the catalog :)))) loved those legs!

So, because of these nice gifts, I will definitely consider his other trip gift he made me last days-a Versace crystal noir perfume-

the Christmas gift. I mean..men have to spend tooo much money on us girls… here comes Valentine’s Day, then it’s Women’s Day, then it’s Anniversary, then it’s whatever Day..and they just buy..and buy… and so on. Wouldn’t wanna be a man..

but I’m thankful for my great Hubby!