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Hubby had a busy day with rehearsals..and I tried to sleep looooong-er than usually.. then had a small walk to a shopping center..full of people that were buying last minute …things..

so..as I totally came without a perfume in my big luggage..i had to buy something small for these days. I bought a small one from the Body Shop,

quite small,for the purse..and it’s not that bad either..kind of sweet…

went through some other shops.. didn’t really need anything but I still managed to buy some earrings -note: I never wear long earrings,usually they don’t fit my face..hair or ears..so I only have small round pearly earrings.. but this pair seemed out of my secure line so..I have to give it a try 🙂

…and because my Revlon make-up kind of broke.. I wanted to buy another small kit, and I found 2 very nice ones, but I had to choose the nude one,as the other one was the last box and was a bit ruined…but I really like these colors… because I am a total chaos at make-up..so I play quite safe..

the broke one… :(((( bought it in Philadelphia in march.. and in the picture you can see 4 colors..but actually there were 5-already another one I lost.. and now I’m loosing this purple…I think they were wrong done,because there is no separation made between the colors..and I always took care of it…no hitting ,shaking..falling down… so..would not buy this type of kit in the future..

..on the other hand this looks better,and here you can see the separation..I guess it will keep me longer..

and I’m happy with the colors!:))

have a nice day,afternoon,evening everybody!