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.. Alessandra Ambrosio is expecting her second child! Congratulations!

I’m sooo happy for the couple!

official comment from Ale:

 ”Anja, Jamie and I are overjoyed and extremely appreciative of all the wonderful wishes we’ve received!! 2011 has been a year filled with incredible gifts and this is the ultimate blessing!! Anja has filled our lives with love and we can’t wait to welcome the new baby into the family this spring!!” 

Alessandra welcomed Anja into the world in August 2008, in her native country of  Brazil, in her home town-Florianopolis.

Ale told to magazine Istoe Gente that she is four months along in her pregnancy. She also surprised Mazur-her fiance,with this news, back in September on his birthday! How nice!

     Wishing her a great,easy pregnancy,and a super healthy baby!!!!