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..what…when…why.. :)))

About a couple of weeks ago, while reading style.com, I saw the word Enterosgel in a story about some Russian models- talking what beauty products they use.

One of them Vika Gazinskaya -of which unfortunately and no offence – I’ve never heard of, said :

“...The one thing I always bring with me when I travel is Enterosgel. It’s a gel that’s only sold in Russia that you mix with water one hour before or after you eat. It takes toxins out from your body. I use it when I feel my skin is going to break out.”

     …I thought..only in Russia? why? and is it really that good? So of course..I started google-ing like any other curious,skin beauty obsessed would do…

Found out that she’s just a little bit wrong about ‘finding’ it just in Russia mother, but actually you can find it in several European countries. So I quickly wanted to try this thing. Yes Yes! First I read whatever information I could about this Enterosgel, and I tell you…they say great things about it.

Conclusion 1: after visiting several pharmacies that should have had this product,and did not(out of stock),I had to make a last minute call, and kindly asked if they could deliver me 3 boxes of gel to the hotel.

As I called today-yes today- I thought they will refuse me- thinking they are in holidays- I was surprised they answered and they actually took my order, and also kindly delivered it to me Today! Yay!!!!

( prices are between 13.5-15 euros per box)

I also had a nice chat with the man that delivered,and told me a few more things about the product. They are trying now to put it on the British, French and Austrian markets -if I understood well-so good news for the girls out there that want this product.

Also Vika was a bit wrong about the treatment-you take 15 g, 2 hours before or after eating- but maybe she knows better how it works for her.

I’m also very convinced that most of Russians know about this product as it exists from 1980’s there..

 Conclusion 2: this product is a detox gel, it eliminates toxic substances from human body.Was made at the request of the Russian Defense Department in the 80’s. Can heal the gut, has great effects in destroying   Helicobacter Pylori,  Shigella, Salmonella etc; destroys bacterias ,viruses, allergies, and so much more.

best thimg I read,is that it is a selective detoxifiant, it doesn’t eliminate water, or minerals or vitamins from your body!:) just the bad things! never heard of smthing like that before..

Can be used for children-under 5 years and over- with many problems. It’s too much to write and you’ll get bored-as I have a 2 year old son,it matters to me.

Conclusion 3: I let you read and inform yourself on this,and decide if you want to try it.

some websites: http://www.enterosgel.eu/an/


Conclusion 4: I already started my detox program today!!! And I’ll keep you posted with how is going on!

   Final conclusion– I’m not making publicity to this product [yet:))]-as in any case I have really few readers 🙂 ,(thank you to my readers); I am not payed for any info,or whatever I wrote here. Just want to be clear on that-because actually I am not making any money with my blog anyway and don’t intend to, so don’t be afraid to read about whatever products I write here.

I actually am really excited about this product, and want to share my experience with You,…ahm..think ratlab 🙂  Because if something goes wrong..or whatever I will experience with this, I’ll let you know, and I won’t be afraid of slamming it down!!!

But!!! but if it’s as good as they say…then I’m happy to share this with everybody!

Wish me luck!!!!