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Holiday 2011…

As most of the fans know, it’s already in stores! and it looks really.. ‘usable‘ ( don’t want to say gorgeous till I try them)  :)) for the New Years Evening!

Who tried those already?! and how pleased are you?

So I gathered up more photos-many of you have already seen them,but for the new ones here it is:


I’m actually very bad at make-up! this is the truth, don’t want you to have a wrong or different  idea about me. To be honest I would really love to be one of those young girls that are blogging all the time about make-up..but I don’t really have TIME to stay in front of the mirror and try all these wonderful products..and go wrong also because I have two left hands :)) so when I make a post with make-up products, means that I really  like what I see, means that I would also like to try the product..but it doesn’t mean I’m good at it…and I certainly am not making publicity..

I would definitely try these shades!!!:))) If only I would be a pro in make-up..


I would try the purple nail color…

Loooove boxes! these ones look sooo great..! I mean we pay a great deal on the packaging right? So at least having a nice package that can be used after too as a box is great -for me at least..

…and I definitely need a good pair of quality brushes !!! ordering in January…just have to inform myself..