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..I won’t lie about it!

Yes some things were great.. but I would really LIE if I would say I had a Great Year..

    NO…the 2011 year was a confusing, full of taking decisions..after decisions …not getting to an end with many ideas.. moving to another country..not moving… moving to another house…than moving… health problems from the beginning of the year.. hubby had a surgery.. I stayed in hospital with my baby boy…grandparents got older and sicker..  

and..I had two dear friends that died this year-RIP my dears…


  (one of her last pictures)  my sweet cousin..died in her sleep at 26 years  

                                   8 October 1985 -28 March 2011


                      my dear childhood friend…medical malpractice, died at 32 years..

                                            2 August 1978 – 26 July 2011

                                                 I have you in my heart always…

                          candle for all the souls that have gone this 2011…

           So NO, I can’t say I had a good year..

    what I’m hoping for 2012????

    I hope for health..I hope for life…I hope for a greener planet…I hope for a more tolerant world..

I hope changes will happen for everybody that expects them…

  …and I wish Everybody peace..quite…and happiness 

           and LOVEEEEE! lots of LOVE people!!!!!!