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and trends..

As they say, Fall Collections start 5 weeks from today. I thought  What?! spring isn’t even near and you prepare the Fall?!

   Oh well..they want to already get us used with the fashion line we go on (because the trends are already decided on a 5 year term..can U believe it????)

..so ..I took a sneak peak…

  Conclusion: think Emerald for the evenings (also for the Oscars this year), think wide belts to create hourglass silhouettes, and think  ultra-wide-leg trousers, and lots of toggle/ duffel jackets.

the emeralds…

buckle up!

the Toggle 🙂

…and into the ..wide!

       Love the Toggle, I’m ok with emerald and buckles…but wide..I still got time to use with it till  Fall 2012..

            till then I’m waiting for the Spriiiiiiiiiiiiiing…which is starting with pastels..of course..