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.. from New Years evening and the dress..


Well..I think my BCBG Dress has done it’s job. Bought it this year and I already wore it…hmmm about..4 times!

Some will think that’s a lot, I say that’s good investment 🙂 and I say I’m not a VIP to whom the paparazzi keep track of how many times I am wearing what… and I love the dress… and ..also it’s the only one that fits me..as I am fighting (read : thinking to try) with some extra kilos… there you have it..now you know.

First time I wore it at the premiere of Cyrano, second..at another event..can’t remember the name of the opera(shame on me) but I’ll try to remember[got it- La Boheme], third at a weeding of a cousin of mine..and fourth  on this New Year Eve.


Cyrano-I thought I’d just give a link to the post…but then I would also be lazy in someone elses place to pressss the link just here it is 🙂



La Boheme-afterparty.. sorry,but these are the best pics I found..and no! I wasn’t THAT drunk!



the October wedding..




and the New Year,with a friend…


When I look at all this photos..I noticed the hair is tooo long. Should make an appointment to my’stylist’ to get rid of some…too long is too long.


I managed to steal a photo with the make-up box from the make-up lady from the opera. she said they all are using Kryolan, of course she had more options there,but with the artists..just this.


so I googled it, and found out it’s a Berlin based company that manufactures  professional make-up serving theater, film, and television around the globe.

this is the web page for who is curious as I was : http://kryolan.com/