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{ I missed a few posts it seems from my blogger web, when I started blogging on wordpress again,so here they are}

Yeeesssss!!! I was THAT big!

the tummy photo I made some hours before I gave birth (didn’t know will be the last with Eddie inside:) in 2009.

These are photos from a project I had to do for an exam in a photography course,in which I enrolled when I was in my 8th month with Eddie (I was sooo heavy ..I couldn’t do sports..so photography seemed the best).

Meanwhile I gave birth, and 3 weeks after, I had to exhibit my project. Proud to say it won the public’s prize (small public…but ok) 🙂 .

So this is my baby angel boy! (the hands are of my hubby) :)-of course!


[Note:all rights reserved,if you wish to use any of the photos,please contact me. thank you.]