So! I thought I should have some small observations about the zoya matte nail polish. 

   It’s not all that bad 🙂

   First,this is a little bit extreme,because I am a mother,cooker,cleaner..etc., so I made my nails but I did all the things I do in a normal day in the house. 

   So my nails went through a lot-washing a lot..hot water, heat, scrub, cook, cutting vegetables,playing with my son…

Conclusion in the second day of wearing: 

my left hand was done with 2 layers.




..so,they are still intact,no scratches,no nothing, and I really did not manage them at all,as I told u I did not take care of them.

my right hand was done with one layer –but most of u for sure are doing 2 layers, I sometimes like a lighter color of different types of polish,so I tested it to see how long it lasts :


so..unfortunately,it lasted till this morning when I started washing again dishes and other stuff…so one layer,with extreme ‘forces’ on them,will last u a day. 

    But I’m sure it can last 2-3 days if u don’t do much stuff around the house.

    And 2 layers would really last 4-5 days in relaxing times. But I’ll keep u posted with my third extreme day :), with the 2 layers.