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…when bored… 🙂  or..what can you buy with 50 euros?!

could not help it…and I bought again this pocket make-up from Revlon, I like the colors very much, and the powder is so soft and easy to apply.


I have some favorite nail polishes from Rimmel that I bought from Los Angeles this spring,that even now girls ask me the brand and the color of them. so I thought to try also a base coat,and matte finish. Already tried them,both are ok for the moment-the matte finish is quite great


I have frizzzzz problems! always in winter. So I use many different products. this one was recommended to me by my stylist when I cut my hair on Friday! tried it today, but instead of two f***ing drops, when I opened it…I had a little bit more..so my hair became a little bit oily…Of course I didn’t have to put it all on my hair..but I thought- oh well, if it’s like “Lakme” (other oily drops I use for ends,a Spanish product)  for sure I need more drops… 

But NOOOOO… this is the 2 drops thingy.. so with label.m they are not joking..:) and it freaking controls your frizzzzzzz!

So yes,I do recommend it.


[this is what I used lately,and it’s a good product, just that I had to use more than 2 drops :)))..and they also told me 2 drops to use…but my hair was hunger for more..]

Beginner stuff…as I am no pro..nor with nail or make-up… I start with baby steps…

-a 7 step maxi nail polisher (ok)

-a cosmetic applicator (didn’t try it yet)

-a nail polish corrector pen (GREAT pen for a messy girl like me)

   And then I am thinking…what the Hell was I doing in my 20s?  why didn’t I do all this girly stuff?

   But then I remembered I used my first mascara when I was finishing high school.. and started using my first Christian Dior lipstick when I was finishing University.. 

   In the meantime I only used a whole bunch of skincare creams..to always have a natural, make-up free face…Oh! so that’s what I was wasting time on…cause now I’m LATE  !!! and it got me in the same spot where i should have been 10 years ago!.. SHOOT..

    So, you can spend a nice 50 euros on these kind of products… few? a lot?  You tell me!