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FINALMENTE!!! l’ho fatto !  (or finally) I did it… phew...

[this is the horrible before..I posted some time ago..when we moved from our house to a different smaller one-can read a bit of details here-  before wardrobe ]

      Details : 

     –  NO, these are not all my clothes/shoes/handbags..

[unfortunately..this is more or less my winter wardrobe,because the summer one..I left it in our summer house..in a different country.. :((  , but in March- April I guess we’re moving there so ! :)) will be reunited with them!]

    – NO, I did not design the ..closet..thingy..furniture (if I would have done it .. surely would have been big as a “Macy’s ” supermall)

[actually this belonged to my Hubby, but when I moved to his house…well I had to kick him out,sorry]

   – YES, there’s  a piece of furniture missing..

[the one with lots of drawers…did not fit anymore in this space..so it’s in my baby’s room… that’s why..the many boxes..]

   – YES, I do hope in a near future I will have another closet/furniture, as I need it,my own design..

[don’t kill me but Ikea has some nice,detailed things for such thing]

so…here it is:



 not much! at least not like other really reeeeaaalllyyyy fortunate girls, but everything is in order now..and at it’s place. 

      Now…I should start wearing… :))

      Have a Fab day everybody!