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….said my 2 year old baby boy today. 


 me     – drinking red bull (addicted for many years now..12 I guess)

 Eddie– seeing me drinking red bull 

 me     -thinking…oh no! now he wants this too! 

 Eddie– saying ”mama ‘beer’ to eddie too..”(red bull has the same color like beer in his eyes)

 me     – thinking no fking way! and saying ”my dear you’re a duracell anyway-the last thing I need is for you to jump and climb the walls and ceilings by tasting this poison”

 Eddie– insisting!!!

 me     – hiding the glass

 Eddie”mama!! robot stole beer!!!”

 there you go! grown up talk! really nice conversation…’the hell he wanted to say with the robot?? have no idea…he doesn’t even have a ROBOT!

    In the last 2 weeks he has this way of saying –  ” Eddie can’t do” to whatever..  mostly when he stays on his loo, and tries hard to do big things :)) making his eyes small like the Chinese ones,  and then you hear him…”mama..Eddie can’t do..maybe later “.. Big words for a small man!

    So there you see my little man is growing!!!