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… again ..(read: healthy eating)…or something like that.

     So here I am again…

     My pregnancy was a miracle and it brought me such great wonderful feelings and changes.

Ahm..well most of the changes..EXCEPT body changing..which is great for who doesn’t weight too much after delivery.

*I did not eat more than normal in my pregnancy(at times even less as my first 5 months I throw out whatever I ate)

*I took only at my doctor’s advice vitamins (and I still had twice anemia during pregnancy)

*I didn’t do sports but I did a lot of walks..and traveled a lot…

*I never cried and was never angry or upset (from the first day I found out of my baby, I promised myself I will be calm and happy.and so I did.)

    Still from 54 kg ,I lost 2 kilos in the first month,but then one day before giving birth I had 82 kg :(((

    Everybody said I look great,except my doctor who said of course I gained a bit tooo much,and that a normal pregnancy should have maximum gain between 12-15 kilos…I was double! At one point he suspected me of pregnancy diabetes-but was not the case.

    Anyway-for who has more questions I am here to answer.

   After 9 months since having the baby,I started dieting and fitness. I cut my portions,and no sweets,and few carbs. And 2 hours of sport 6 days a week. All this for 3 months.

    I lost 12 kilos. I was back at 52.

When in United States… got 4 kilos more in Philadelphia…

When in Miami..lost again 2-3 kilos.

When in Europe gain again 3 kilos

When in hospital with my baby boy lost again 2 kilos

When at our summer house..gained about 5-6 kilos

 So I reached again about 60-61 kilos…


 In autumn I was 65 kg again. Horrible!

   Then I started again dieting-I always have the same diet..which I always think i won’t give up and won’t come to my stupid habits again.. But tasting always my baby’s food doesn’t let me loose the taste of carbs and other foods that I should not eat-I can’t put my baby on diet of course!!!

    I reached again 58..but NOW..I mean in this  moment..I am…(wait,just let me see….)…63.1 kilos

   OH MY GOD!!!

SO THERE YOU GO…again my clothes don’t fit…I am hungry all the time just when I think I have to diet..have headackes.. I’m moody ..and have nothing to dress   ;(((((((((

I want to scream!! and it’s only my fault!

   I started yesterday to take some PILLS… no,I am not that type,but this is just a stupid apple vinegar concentrate pill. nothing else.should help cut my appetite and accelerate my metabolism. In the same time I have to start eating HEALTHY! no junk food and no POTATOES! ever! (well once a month u are aloud -but only after u lost the weight)

So (lots of ‘so’-s here)..

I should have a fruity breakfast –I didn’t

  should have a light lunch  –didn’t 

  should have an early,light dinner-did 🙂 now that’s a start!

don’t wonder-it’s a chicken breast,and obviously broccoli..

Rucola!salad- never liked it till I went to Italy and had a salsiccia (sausage) con rucola at Festa di Magione-a village near Perugia in Umbria-where I studied Italian language for 2 years.

 I can never dump a good oil-this case a pumpkin cold pressed oil!

 a few drops of olive oil, or pumpkin or whatever healthy oil-u can always have-on salads or on meat-  not fried!!!