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MY… diet tips (
which can work for some of you) :

 before starting a diet empty your fridge of any junk or tempting wrong food

-don’t start drastic! you have to take it slowly..cutting day by day a bad food from your diet

no fried food anymore! ever!

no potatoes! better green peas or beans and rise! lots of whole rise!

no bread! or just one piece of whole grains bread per day!

once a day fruits! not more-they have sugars,and it counts too! and not in the evening.

-only low fat or no fat milk and cheese.. I love any kind of cheese..and this is really hurting me when I can’t eat cheese.. but I can do it, so can you.

-any kind of salads! but no dressings! I prefer with no dressing, than to go wrong with one and actually gain calories without knowing. it’s enough to put some lemon and some oil drops and it’s good taste.

-make sure you have things to chew when u go Hungry Crazy! yes you will! you will want to eat the fridge itself ! so what I do, is chew raw cauliflower, carrotssweet peppers, and even broccoli... you can chew how much u want in these difficult times, and it’s so much better than a burger or whatever bad food could come to your mouth. even in the middle of the night you can do it, and your brain will register it as eating, and hunger goes away.

-drink water and teano fruit juices! they count more than 100 calories per 200 ml..and in order for you to drop kilos..you need to go under 1500 calories per day.. but it depends how much you weight and how much u want to loose.

-it’s all about FOOD!  my really good /great trainer,told me all the time,and he was right-always ,u can loose weight when u do – 20% sport and  80% food(diet)

no matter if u work 5-6 hours fitness a day, 

    if you eat crap, you look like crap!

find activity! do anything that can take your mind off food.

helps a lot. if u skip meals it helps in the beginning. I know it’s not a good advice, but it makes your stomach smaller, and then you can’t eat too much anymore. Bad advice, but I was skipping often in the beginning meals,because I was too busy, and was not so hungry, it helped. but I did not make a habit. 

-should not have snacks(other than the urgent raw thingy) and very seldom-in the beginning of your diet

-keep your 3 meals a day/ not more! 

no restaurants ! at least for a while,till you know what you can eat/how much/and where.

-don’t expect second day miracles! there are no miracles! it’s just you who can do this! As much as I dreamed of loosing weight in a week…never happened, but in 2-3 months(it’s not forever) you can loose at least 10 kilos just doing the upper tips..

write a journal of what u eat, like this you will see where u went wrong or what u could add to your diet (I did it-it helps)

-work it with a friend or with your family -I convinced my parents to eat what I ate. my mother who is 52, lost 8 kilos in the 3 months that I lost 12. but she had no sports, and she has a daily job. she actually had to buy new clothes,at least 2-3 sizes smaller. 

-buy beauty magazines!keeps your goal alive and it will make you more ambitious! I always watch Fashion tv-and I go crazy and don’t eat dinner… not good but it sure makes me loose weight..

don’t weight yourself everyday! just once a week..is enough..and only in the morning before eating.

-after a month,try your old pair of jeans that you kept it hidden for better good looking times! you will be surprised!!!! and will keep you going…

try to prepare your meals in advance-like a day before. this way, you will always be able to eat in time, the right food. It really works. other wise you will fail, and you will end up eating whatever from the fridge. This is an important tip.

-even after loosing weight..keep on going with HEALTHY EATING, and drop the bad habits. Your body will forget the fried taste, the potatoes taste,the whatever taste…really. it’s all about being used with food,

if  you don’t eat it, you don’t need it! true.

     In this process,you will go through a lot of stress sometimes, you will have moods, and extreme feelings. Support from close members of family and friends is needed!Please accept it! 

    So,I wish ME and everybody starting a diet,or a healthy spring eating..GOOD LUCK!