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…in Chinese calendar,

Actually,Chinese New Year Day begins today-23 Jan,’12, and the first day in Chinese Astrology Year is on the  4’th of February.

Oh and I know more… 🙂 this dragon year is actually the Black Water Dragon Year ( according to the five astrological elements, and the color of water is related to black)…so after reading some looong pages of what it means… there are some simple conclusions:

-2012 is a strong Water year,

-we might also see some unexpected things happening this year,

-and the person with many Dragons in the birth chart will become smarter,sly and unpredictable this year.

Also!!! you can have either good luck or bad luck in 2012 and you will have the chance of turning it into better or worse luck-that’s how unpredictable this Dragon Year is ,as this is the year that completes the Wood(element) cycle and makes transition to the Fire cycle.

But what I wrote is not even 1% of what everything connected to Dragon Year means!!

So keep studying your Dragon luck on this year,and super good luck to everybody!