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(not black and white-this is how it looked outside all the way..)

….seems my 2012 will be still travelling around,solving problems,and moving a lot.

 I bet my 2013 will be my Lucky one!

    but I’m trying to keep up with my new eating habit… so my hubby already called me the family rabbit.. :(( 

because my quick snacks.. are carrots.. and tomatoes.. and because I’m hungry all the time.. I chew all the time  like a rabbit… 

(late/very late snacks)

     The apple vinegar pills..are..hmm I’m still waiting for some effects.. till now,they did not cut my appetite, but I only take them for 5 days so… they say u have to take them 3 months!!

     And while on the road yesterday (for 8 hours in the car) I had my snack box of course…and I was trying to make hubby taste the carrots too :)… :

  ”are you hungry?! cause u know..we’ve got veggies..and I haven’t taste so sweet carrots in a looooong time”, 

 ”really,they are so sweet and eatable”, 

 ”hmm this fibers..are great….hungry??”

but you know meaty man… no rabbit food!

(car snacks-carrots/whole grain bread)Yours!

P.S. I’ll let you know when I turn Orange neon! (from too many carrots!)