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..from 63.1 last week… this week I am at 61.2…and I think it’s good…in any case it’s not my fat that went away,but maybe some water retention and the bloating…

..except last evening I ate some chicken burgers -2 to be more exact-..at my brother..but that won’t change my diet, and I will not repeat that..

   So! hubby is in the mood for soups for more than a week,and because soups are not bad if they are not fat…my everyday soup is made out of lots of vegetables!

-carrots,cabbage,celery,broccoli,cauliflower,some green peas,beans,some green herbs,Garlic(gives a great flavor) and smashed tomatoes.

  You just have to boil everything for let’s say 20 to 30 minutes and add the smashed tomatoes at the end and leave it other 5 minutes to boil. You can add a bit of salt and..tadaaa, soup is served.




 I also boil separately some chicken breast sliced in small pieces, to add it at the soup,but without the water-because some grease will still come out of the meat, and we don’t want that! You can have it at lunch, and it does’t have many calories-this in case you don’t add sweet cream, but you can still add a spoon of non fat yogurt!

  Oh and you can always choose what vegetables you want to use..but this can be an easy meal for 2 days at lunch.

      For lunch or evening also, you can eat grilled chicken breast or ‘legs’-but these are a bit fatter.. I left the slices of chicken over the night in a bowl in which I poured some tomato juice, some mustard cream, and some green condiments. no oil. I mixed the meat with this…thingy and second day I made it for lunch (like today) and I tell you..it tasted GREAT! So with few ingredients you can eat easy and healthy,and have it also in the fridge ready to make it when you go crazy hungry.

   So I just grilled it in a frying pan-no oil,nothing cause in anycase they leave some water and a bit of grease,you don’t need more. I know it looks  a bit burned but trust me it’s not. you can clean the meat with a paper towel of any grease left or burned parts if it bothers you.


-to the chicken you can add any type of salad (NO dressing!) or you can add grilled or steamed vegetables- I cut the vegetables a day or two before, and I put them in the fridge to be quick and ready for second day. I bought not long ago a small nice app that cuts these veggies quickly so then you don’t think-”oh god this cutting carrots will take forever”… but in these photos you’ll get the point of how quickly it goes.












of course this is a small machine/app but it’s a quick one,easy to clean and carry wherever. I think it’s a good purchase.

   SO,good luck planning your meals,and loosing some more weight.