...for some time. 

   to be more specific..I only ordered it Friday and tomorrow should arrive!!! HOPEFULLY! 


   for my readers that missed the posts, ahm..in November, or end of October my laptop of only one year, quit on me..just like that! Since then I tried to fix it..went to 4 or 5 ‘skilled’ guys in repairing but till now nothing.. So I really could not wait more than this..I mean..I have my patience.. and I put Hubby in ‘difficult’ times..I am using his since then..

  Again, Hopefully! tomorrow I get my new one!!!! it will be grey..as I hadn’t had too many options, was the only one in stock of this type that I wanted, and actually what I wanted wasn’t in stock and they had no idea when they will have it…and as I am in a hurry…had to take something else..ANYWAYS! is just a laptop, nothing more 🙂

[ only my connection to the blog/slash/and to the rest of the world! ,my everyday breathing, my addiction..etc.]

should be looking like this:







   So! see you tomorrow from the other silver side!!!