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…in photos.

  We had some really busy days, and as everyone knows by now..weather in Europe…sucks.. when you are on the road, in the car, by bus, plane or anything that can block you somewhere and mixes your trip plans. 

   By luck, we had quite weather in these 3 days, and we arrived home before the Hungarian red code started…or the other many colored codes alert have started in Europe.

   So!!! all photos are made from the car…in motion…through the window… so please be kind with me on this, I just do it for fun and passion anyway.. 🙂


 we started on this nice weather…

and we arrived slowly in the evening with this views..

had a good night sleep and started all over second day..

finally had our meetings,and my food bonuses… :)) shouldn’t have but…weren’t too many calories..

and a very chic panther lady… :))

*tomorrow I’ll post second part of stories…:)

till then,may Peace be with all of us!!!