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yes yes…I can definitely say this will not be interesting for boys (men)!!

   yes of course I could not help myself from buying some really small goodies, and I like everything I bought.

  will show you in some photos, maybe say small things about them.

PS: politely remembering to my readers-this is not intended to be publicity to any of these products, this is what I buy, use and just share with You. No money earning involved ladies!


Talk nails!

there was this limited collection of 3 pastel tones from Rimmel, and I liked these 2. Now that I think about it, I should have bought the pinky color too..but I didn’t really like it as I saw it, and these both look great on nails!!!

Talk Lips!

my obsession- lip care balms…so I had to renew my favorites that are almost finished by now. I love all of them…

some colored Burt’s Bees,my summer one-Sundance,and never without-Neutrogena

the calming one-Carmex,and a cocoa taste gloss (not very crazy about it,but it stays long on lips) from Palmer’s.

and oh yes! surprise! I bought a lipstick too..blah blah, I liked the color -grape something, from Clinique. I use normally Dr Hauschka, but I thought what the hack… but I am not a fan of lipsticks -just so You know.

and while hubby was drinking a coffee in the ‘Tchibo’ shop…I found these..which are simple and natural, and have no taste!!! love them!

Talk Make-Up!

Great colors! and so soft powder..

these are actually amazing! Could not believe! really happy about them!

yes…a new mascara.. had to try this Loreal. I only use a simple one from Chanel for over 7 years..the same.. and in parallel another one from Clinique for 5 years now… so I am quite a good customer, but I finally wanted to try something else…and actually, I used it today when I went out..but after several hours it just comes down under my eyes.. but ok… whatever..some 17 Euros wasted..

I needed a pencil,so I just picked up randomly this… I use Lavera normally,but I had no time to visit the natural shop.

Mixed stuff..

my ” when in trouble hair ”  shampoo…it works! I use it since it appeared on the market..2008-or 2009…

this just took my eyes. just a necklace ,but it looks great!

I had to buy a ”dress” for my sweet lady-Sony…and because my other Tucano skin is blue..I thought a red would not hurt!

of course ”la piece de resistance”… my son was dreaming about Mater (Cars)…so I had to be the good Fairy!!!!…of course ..I also bought Doc Hudson..and Lightning McQueen..and Guido..and Sally..but you know…kids are kids!

what I didn’t buy…but dreaming about…

SO! hope you didn’t get dizzy with this stuff..and ..enjoy!