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…or how I woke up today after 12 midday, with headache..and still spinning… 🙂

Jeez! whenever this happens,I always end up swearing that …  ”I WILL NEVER DRINK AGAIN!!!”…

just some words : 

  -went show, saw show, went after party, vodka+redbull…then …vodka+redbull… (actually I didn’t keep track..)..2:00am ..had 2 slices of pizza, ..more vodka+redbull…dancing…dj-ing :)…4:00am.. home…really dead in bed…

you get the picture..no need for further details… :)))


   Well everything went well at the Opera…Hubby was beyond Great! and that’s what really matters. 

Just a glimpse!

in the ”secret” :)) preparing room of the singers..

forgot to show you the shoes I wore.. classic simple pumps (nine west, bought them 2 years ago) ..:)

I wore my new favorite pastel purple nail polish from Rimmel! love it! Everybody liked it! (girls I mean)

nice house! great lights!

(say cheeseeeee! or Jeeeeez???)


PS: I’ll show later photos of my crazy/funny/party girl ”side”! (Jeez)