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….well I’ve seen that many are interested in this matter. not my diet progress, but after pregnancy diet– and loosing weight. 

  my scale today showed me…61.9 kg.. some hundred grams plus..-one and a half weeks ago I had 61.2 kg. 

   But it was a bit impossible for me to diet while I was on the road trip-ing….

  Of course it’s still my fault. And I have a huge problem- my hubby has this sweets appetite and all kinds of meats,and greasy foods sometimes …that I’m going crazy!!! 

  I can’t eat any cheese cause all of it is fat! I don’t drink milk, I don’t eat any stupid salami..and other ham products… and I go nuts!  

  So,when I came back from these small trips…my scale showed me 63.4 kg ..or something like that…

  YOU CAN IMAGINE MY NIGHTMARE!!!!..all this in just some days of eating again stupid.. so now you can understand why after you keep a diet it’s very important to stick to many habits from your diet,or at least to learn to eat healthier while diet-ing cause it’s really easy to keep on going like that for a long time. 

   It’s difficult to loose kilos, but you add what you lost so easy and in quick time…

   but now I’m happier again, continuing my hunger everyday…

 So! today I am already preparing the” dinner” let’s say-and I have some photos,and while doing that I also prepared my lunch (and ate ALL of it !!!)

  In the morning- 1 apple, 1 glass full of water, half a cup of coffee(no sugar)

  At lunch – green salad, rucola (rocket,roquette or arugula), small box of tunafish (in water), lemon, garlic, and one spoon of pumpkin oil !!!

garlic! lots of garlic! I use very much of it cause it gives food taste-when u diet…like you should.. nothing has taste.. then garlic comes along!!!

      tada!!! yummy! and really quick!

I helped myself these days with some slimming tea…well it help me somehow not to get baloooned! 

So don’t loose hope,you’ll get where you want soon.