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as promised!


I’ll explain in photos!!!

chicken legs..

 some veggies..

NO OIL ! just water,and slowly put to boil with carrots..


peppers..!   It may look as a full frying pan,but it will be fewer after it boils!

And GARLIC! always! I keep it like this in the fridge. So it’s easier!

 now boiling!!! slowly!

….now you can see the meat! I added some condiments! as usual..what ever is healthy and you like!

and adding some side dish ”rise”! this one is great and healthy.

and Tada! 

I added some broccoli to my  plate..as usual..and notice-

the NO SKIN on my chicken,which is a ”fat fatty fat”, and also I poured NO JUICE– from the boiling cause of the fat that came out of the chicken..but it gave my chicken a great taste!.. 

Hubby was allowed..with skin..and the fatty juice..

So! this takes just a little bit more cooking than the salad :),but not that much either to small fire..about max 1 hour.