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….or Top of Europe.

   We were living in Basel back then, hubby was employed at the Opera Basel, and whenever he had free time-I always had- we did great things,visited many places,and so..I did lots of Photos.

    Now,I don’t remember the month,but it was really warm outside and I was dressed totally summer-ish for where we went -there were -2C or something like that.

     I made too many photos..here are just some.

Info: photos were made from the train (again) -going up and down-and from windows in the tunnel- who was there knows (those windows are not very clean and so the photos are not very clear either). So again,be kind with me!


when You finally arrive at the observatory, this is your great view! if you are lucky and the sky is clear…you can see the great mountains in their full beauty! I was about 30 minutes lucky..and the weather  became cloudy..I mean we were in the clouds..

see…I was there! 🙂

Jeeeezzz!  I was frrreeezzzzing!

Whoever has the occasion to go,and still doubts I truly recommend!  You will Love it! And I won’t start to explain now how you get there because everybody will give you infos!

Here is where we were actually,but this is not my photo:) should have been in a helicopter to do it!

(this photo’s source:  http://www.splendorsofeurope.com/)