…or Me as crazy party gal! 🙂

  So! I have a cold!..or a flue..or whatever.. Sitting in bed..drinking tea, taking vitamins…running nose…wearing a ”Japanese” mask to protect people around me in the house..specially my baby!…

and I’m just fine! you know..Great!.. just peachy!

  Anyway it’s not that bad, and I’m not complaining yet! could not see this coming, specially because I made big plans for tomorrow for over 2 weeks now, to make a small party with some friends, cause Hubby goes away for 3 weeks (Baltimore) and …you know, to have a little fun…

 But NO WAY I am missing that! tomorrow is party time and that’s it!

for now..I can only show you a small part of my other side (the party,crazy, funny faces girl) ,and these are very ok photos..nothing out of the ordinary! usually we have photos that we cannot show to anybody…after a party…

show ended well! Yaaay!!

…then I took the stage…Yaaaay!

..I already confessed I ate 2 slices!!! not more!..at 2:00 am 😦 no yay!

they loved my funny hat! so I had to make it important..Yaay!

 ….ahmm…I think I was the ”dj”..here… read: choosing from youtube my fav music! and I’m good at it!  another Yaay!!

Peace and Love everybody! Yaay!


PS: If I ever end up in a Miss Universe..Miss Whatever contest…or..running for president somewhere in a village…please don’t blackmail me with these!!!