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...besides running nose,headache and other flu stuff,I woke up with this…again..

..had my breakfast..

 …and I really wish it was summer, and I wish my stupid neighbor wouldn’t chop wood while my baby is sleeping, and I wish I had something that would actually fit me for this evening at the small party – as I am struggling to fit in anything these day … damn diet!  I wish I could loose in 5 minutes 2 sizes… that’s all I need… 

well at least I had time to do my nails…and if I wear jeans..they’ll fit..

   now…hair washing…choosing something to dress… waking up baby, put him on the loo :), feeding baby, playing with baby… luckily  my mother is coming to baby sit with my gorgeous son-she loves him!-of course, hubby is out doing many things before his leaving to Baltimore… so!  Oh! forgot ..I have to cook something too. 

    SO, for now,got to go! wish me luck to do all this stuff quick -as I am no J-Lo, and I have no chef, or cleaning lady in the house, or a private hair saloon… yeah! whatever! 

Wishing all a Great Day!