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  Well, I know I didn’t write for almost 3 weeks about my progress and the food and ..so on. 

But because I came to my parents to stay while my Hubby is in Baltimore, I actually ate a bit less than usual and my hands were full with Eddie. So,normally when you eat less at one point you loose a bit of weight. I had days in which I ate very bad-meaning very few,cause i had no appetite, but I drank a lot of water. Rarely drank coffee..in the morning I had my apple with some nuts, afternoon some veggies, rise..evening either a fruit,a salad, or some chicken meat. 

…I’m kind of avoiding  the yellow line -except whole rise and rarely whole pasta; avoiding  99% of the violet line and 90% of the blue one- I drink soya milk, and 0% fat yogurt; 

I’m totally in the green line!; and quite a lot from the..whatever color is the meat,fish,eggs…line!


       I actually wanted to write when I scaled and had 60 kilos,but then I was so excited that almost everyday I went on that stupid scale to see if I lost more…Of course not!!!  Then I listened to my own advice and did not check..for some days.

Today…I am 59 kilos! ..I’m on the right track!… and sooo happyy! and just seeing this fashion models..makes me want more, makes me eat healthier and kind of makes me think that maybe it’s time to do some sport too!

       But I still need more time, cause I still have too many things coming in the next months…that ..I don’t even know where to start..

       Maybe some of you who were following me since the beginning know that we moved from our house in a rented apartment last autumn,     [ here’s the link for who is interested 🙂 ]

      Budget Crisis! , Sunrise ahead! ,

  ..and soon we will make another move… well maybe twice.. but you understand… lot of chaos, and things,and luggage, and furniture,and stress… and so on..

Hopefully this will be for the better of my family,but I’ll keep you posted!


Have a great weekend everyone!