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     Chile is a very nice, green country. People are kind,simple and beautiful. Of course this is an overall opinion I don’t mention  the exceptions that are in every country -indeed I heard every night gunshots,and near our hotel somebody robbed a car full of money that came to an exchange house,and my husband saw everything from the window!- but I still have a great impression, and I loved this country. 

    The food is GREAT! and cheap! it was cheaper to eat in restaurants than go buy food and cook it, and they are great cookers. 

   Santiago is big (about 7 million people) but really, really nice.. in the working days there was a bit of smog over the city,but in weekend..the sky was totally clear – sign that everyone went to the ocean or mountains!

    Here are some  photos from different places in Chile..

Valparaiso, Isla Negra, Cerro Santa Lucia…