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 So, I had no time to share with you my latest small goodies..but then I also had no time to open them when they actually arrived-if you can believe that!!! really! I ordered more things,and after they arrived,they stayed untouched for at least 3 days (well I already knew what I ordered so,not a real surprise) then I just had no time to start using(read testing) them..and so on…


 well,I’m happy to say I (too) own the second palette of naked (as already so many went nuts over it) but so far I only got to use about 3-4 colors, so..no I can’t say yet too much.. it’s a lot of shimmer-but that I already knew- the package is better than the first edition of naked, the brush is ..so and so.. and I still have to learn a lot about make -up!  



…as this time they gave a lip gloss bonus, I had to order the primers separately. I chose to order the 4 nuances they have, cause I was curios about the colors, so I ordered a smaller pack to try them. so far I like the original one (of course) and the “Sin”-it can also be used as a shadow, it’s really nice.. oh and these primers are quite amazing-indeed they help perfecting your make-up, so yes you can consider buying one,it’s worth it.



..then when you have some nice eye make-up..you really need better brushes… so, after looong readings, and price comparing quality..and so on,I decided upon Sigma brushes, I bought the essential kit,which has about 12 brushes, and I am already using about 7 of them. I can say they are indeed..(again) amazing,at least the foundation brush…-I love it! and not only,they have a good quality,and they are just perfect enough for me.. a professional make-up artist could have another opinion..but I’m no pro!

…so, I also ordered a Zoya collection, and my everyday skin care brand –Paula’s Choice– she amazes me with every new product! but I’ll let you know about it the next days..


Great week everybody!