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…I only had time only to read a bit from Vogue. By now you already know the cover,and parts of the interview with miss Lopez. well, nothing’s changed with her,she’s all the same,so no, not really interesting her interview.

  But there is an interesting story about a mother that had to put her daughter on a diet when she was 6-7 years-now that;s really interesting and good info to read;

..then another interview/story about Victoria Beckham (I’m not a fan,but I found it interesting) and her lifestyle after becoming a “designer” and mother of baby Harper..

..and some subjects that women are interested in these days of course..  like “Can you raise your metabolism?” or  “Can you add curves?”, which I kind of found interesting..

Then,there are the commercial pages…great photos!!! gorgeous girls and great photo-products – years ago..I admit I only bought these beauty magazines because I was soooo attracted to the commercial photos.. I still am today 🙂 I’m not ashamed to say it!- but now I already know that Photoshop exists, so..it doesn’t have that charm anymore 🙂  and!!! -I no longer tend to become that picture perfect-cause I know it doesn’t exist  🙂