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…again!!!  I choose Zoya because I love the  color palettes that they have, and more that they are formaldehyde, toluene and camphor free formulas.. 

   The price is also great- in USA 8 $ a bottle of 15 ml (0,5 fl.). 

    I ordered the smoke collection..I couldn’t tell you why..I just chose it randomly..

I also was looking for a great yellow (got an obsession with) and a white..

 got them…

as bonus in the package came a polish remove formula, a sugar scrubbing gel, and some collection plates which I find great in picking up colors…

I had a bit of time and tried the “creamy” yellow and the “purity” white ,

the yellow looks nice, I had 2 layers (one layer looks like colored water) , no top coat, but maybe you should consider a third layer to make it perfect. it dries a little bit slow, so you’ll need patience..I would say from 5 stars this one would be 3..



the white is better than the yellow,it’s texture is creamier and one layer is quite ok, it covers really well. I would say 2 layers are perfect enough,and the color is really great. it dries quickly,so I truly recommend this one. I could say this one is a 5 star.

I also tried the smoke collection,and I think it’s ok -just okay because I’m a bit disappointed in “cynthia”-the blue color- I expected a different blue, like on their web site,but it’s not. and I also don’t like the “petra”..it’s..a strange color. but I’ll show you in another post-when I actually have more time to “paint” my nails 🙂


wishing all of you a great day/evening/morning!!!