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I already should have gave you some info about my diet progress some time ago, but I thought I should at least be constant for a week with a certain weight, so that it is a real weight I am having, not just water loss,or anything else.

  From my first post about starting to loose kilos (read-eat healthier) or keeping a diet..or giving you details about my struggle to get in my clothes after pregnancy.. well I’ve come a long way, maybe not that long – but I am almost there..

THERE = achieving again my normal weight.

glimpse at my post for new comers :  DIET

   So,from 63.1 kilos ~139lbs  in 20th of January 2012, I NOW- 27th of March 2012, have 56.00 kilos ~ 123lbs. 

  Means that in 2 months and 7 days I lost about 7 kg. If I ask a doctor, a fitness trainer or a weight loss adviser, they will all say it’s best that you don’t loose more than 500 g per week (half of kg) -which is ideal- most of us loose less per week.

That means that in 9 weeks..I should have lost healthily /and not more, about… wait.. calculating.. 4.5 kilos. I had a faster (read -unhealthier) drop with 2.5 kg..

  I do admit :

  – I had days when I ate really few.. really few = 1or 2 apples, water, one slice of bread..

   (I would never advise anyone to do this, but there are days when you really eat few, or you loose your appetite)

 – Feeling sick some of these days, because of eating less and not getting enough sleep..

 – I had days when I felt really dizzy when I got up from bed, or just standing up from a chair..

  ( that’s when I grew my vitamin intake..Ca,Mg and D3.. and these days I should start Zn and Biotin too)

 – I had Bad Mood days… wanting to swallow the fridge..

 – I got fed up with broccoli and salads..

– I had thoughts of starting to smoke -smokers say cigarettes keep their weight under control                


I took my measures back then,but I was kind of ashamed to write them down to you,but I have to write the now in order to see the difference..

   January- Hips : 94 cm

                 Waist: 78 cm

                 Bust: 89 cm

  March-   Hips: 90 cm

                Waist: 67 cm

                Bust:  87 cm

  so there is some difference, but I was never(except when I was  baby!) thinner than 88 cm at my hips for example-so I know 90 cm is very good; and also I was constant with my bust-usually between 86-89 cm. indeed my waist was most of the time smaller-62 cm, but I’m not sure I will be there again (I have a certain age you know!!)

   My goal- was to achieve 54 kg, with no time limit, by eating healthier, and constant for the rest of my life, I did it before, so I knew what had to be done.

  Why 54?! Because that is my normal weight (even less), that’s where I always felt healthier and more energetic.

  What you don’t know, is my height. I am 1.73 m = 5.8 in

   That being said…I started to ask myself if this is a healthy weight, or a normal weight,or am I loosing too much..



   I checked the BMI index just to have an ideea..(body mass index)

   But then I found out that there are many…flaws in this system and got totally confused..

  after calculating more than 12-15 different BMI systems for adults.. I got this:

   -at this point my BMI is 18.7 -if I want to achieve my 54 kilos, my BMI will be 18.0


  1. most BMI systems tell you that you are : 

   underweight if BMI is < 18.5                                                                   

   normal if BMI is between 18.5-25.0                                             

   overweight if BMI is > 25

 2. with my measures,and at my age the “ideal people’s choice weight” for me would be 58 kg.

    the  “medical recommendation” weight would be between 57 -75 kg (this based on a BMI normal between 19.0-25.0)

 3. Japannese BMI system considers normal between 18.5 and 22.9

 4. before 1998 in USA normal BMI was up to 27.8 , after 1998 National Institutes of Health cut it off at 25, and 25 million Americans became overnight from “normal” to “overweight” BMI

5. when I wanted to loose weight with an online program, I had to lie my weight -make it higher- as they refused to make a diet for loosing kilos, saying that with my measures I had to put on! not to loose. They gladly accepted to make me loose till 58 kilos but not less.

6. being under 18.5 BMI, means seriously underweight and malnourished; being 16.0-17.0 is anorexic..

7. if I will be 54, and 18.0 BMI I will also be malnourished and underweight in all BMI systems..

   But if I am THAT–  then my favourite models…are seriously not eating or are on the verge of anorexia…so I calculated:

  * Alessandra Ambrosio  “BMI” – 16.3 !!! definitely close to anorexic..if you trust the BMI

  * Heidi Klum “BMI” – 17.6

  * Gisele Bundchen  “BMI” – 17.6 …

    and so on…you can calculate but you’ll never get past 18.0 to these models. All this, after so many fashion commissions tried to forbid -some years ago- to designers to let on the runway girls with BMI lower than 18.5..  Needles to say that many designers refused, saying their haute couture looked good only on thinner models, and last year Mrs Versace, said her collection for H&M is not made for fat girls-after complaints she made a collection with small range of sizes..

  well this is an industry bigger than us, and there is not much we can do..

8. The Ministry Of Health will not even provide you with a BMI calculator as it is currently under review..

9. not to mention the ridiculous measures that consider in fashion the ideal body… which looks like this for them.. 

the British Association of models agents says that female models should measure  34-24-34 (86-60-86 cm) and at least 5.8 in (173 cm); former requirements were 35.5 – 23.5 – 35.5 (90-60-90) -and actually if you convert the inches with cm 24in=61cm and 23.5in=59.7cm so they are approximate sizes..  

does this model look great to you? does she seem healthy enough to runway? 

or these ones?? they are all bones!!! nothing great and beautiful about bones!! 


and on this photo with the many girls, there was a discussion between wannabe model girls, and I could not believe how they were admiring their legs and hands,and all wanted to be really skinny, and look just like these ones.. ?!  those girls must be sick in the brain to wanna be a bag of bones.. 

    But you can’t really blame them.. it’s just the fashion industry we live in today.. Nobody reacts anymore to anorexic models that crash on the runway..and none of the agents assume responsibility for these girls, if you make it alive at the end of the show-good for you-but nobody will really praise you..

Some days ago, I’ve seen some documentaries of model scouts and some of the girls they were training before casting them. 

 Those girls had serious eating problems.. one of themwas eating all day broccoli,another one only white eggs and sometimes some baby carrots! how can you live like that??? 

  From 3 girls, only one was chosen.. very young, very underweight and malnourished – like 16 BMI the most. 

  Well if that’s the ideal model weight, and if that’t the goal of this industry…than I will gladly be a much higher size than the f***g famous 0…


BMI system has problems, because you cannot really compare a non sportive person with a very active one. if both have the same height and weight and they are at 26 BMI it just does not mean that the very active one is overweight!!! it means he has more muscle mass..  

then if your BMI is “normal” it doesn’t mean that your fat percentage in the body is in good limits….and so on..


       BMI is just a system that can give you a hint of how your body is, but it’s not realistic and you shouldn’t really rely just on this.

Also.. If I was to take advise from the healthy point of view- and be between 57-and 75 kilos…than again they are very wrong..at 75kg..I feel I carry a huge stone on my back!!! I had to wear sizes like 48/50 in jeans ..that would be a .. 16/18 US and 18 UK..aprox. which I think would not be normal for me.. I would have no waist, and my tights and upper hands would be like those of the rugby players or american footballers…



     Anorexia is a serious, deadly stage/condition, and many dieters and models come to a close encounter with it. If You are anywhere close to this, please seek help in time… if you eat very few, if you have aversion towards food, or any fear of eating, and you don’t really understand what your real weight should be..then you are on the wrong way!!! why die over a plate of food??!


 back to my Diet progress.. I don’t look skinny at all at my weight now, and I will not be at 54 either. I am actually a size 10 UK, 6 US, 38 EU at dresses (but an XS for american BCBG..?! I don’t understand how..).. and Jeans..they do differ..I guess all companies have a different chart.. I’m a 28 size in Italy, a 25 size in USA for some different jeans,and a 27 for “7 for all mankind”.. for normal pants, at Zara/Mango/Beneton I am a 36 EU, 8 UK,4 US,but a size 40 for the Italian pants…

SO!!! who the hell really understands all this?!?!

  But definitely I  am no anorexic,and not even close to malnourished or underweight.. 

  What is important for us women to understand is that… this is not easy! Diet was never and will never be easy.. diet should turn in a continuous healthy eating system once you got where you wanted, to remain constant and in healthy limits.. it’s kind of a life struggle, and whoever says it’s easy for them to stay fit and slim – trust me they LIE- or they use something unhealthy to do it..

  Also..I am not someone who should give advises when I myself broke sometimes my own rules and advises.. but this happens with all of us I guess.. 

  Oh and.. I also feel ashamed that I actually have not worked out any type of sport activity.. which is not really okay.. Do anything that keeps you in shape and makes you happy, it’s good for the body.

  I’ll still keep you posted with my progress..but I think I should be 54..in about a month or even more, I’m not anymore in a hurry,cause I already get in all my clothes without getting help to squeeze in..

 Feel free to share your diet experience, or your opinion about BMI, or about the ”healthy” models of our days or about clothes sizes !!!

and most of all..don’t give up, try hard..and 

                                BE HEALTHY!