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…and likes to fool around with our wardrobe. Or at least mine, cause I already packed my “North Pole” clothes…and I’m definitely not in Australia for the moment..(where it’s winter now)..

..woke up with snow again.. 😦 ..was like april 1st fool…

..again snow.. in my backyard 😦

🙂 but I’ve got my litlle ray of sunshine!!!

..he likes to poke funny faces 🙂

We are again alone at home for about 10 days, Hubby went away for another “show” -Gianni Schicci.. but we manage.. we build parking spaces,we park the cars, we make accidents, we jump around and dance, watch cartoons, polish nails (yes he likes it..) kill ants… OH YES!

FORGOT to tell you, I got invaded by ANTS… yesterday morning while running with Eddie to the toilet (he’s a big boy now he prefers the big “chair”) I noticed some small spots on the floor, but as I was still sleepy I didn’t notice these spots were moving..

( no not these sweet ones)

Half an hour later I turned out to be a ruthless “killer” that I never knew was inside me.. and there were so many..I barely could handle them..”negotiations” were out of the question as they refused to back down from where they came.. so I had to be sneaky and find out where their “base” was.. meanwhile…I sprayed them, poisoned them, vacuumed them..and so on. “WAR” is not the word to describe this…

(but more like these !)

Of course.. I won 🙂 and today there was no sign of the “enemy”… but I’m on high alert as they may be regrouping for another attack on next days or weeks..! I’ll be watching!