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Apologies to all my readers for the long break.. Due to some health problems I had to be quite for a while…but I tried to keep up reading most of Your posts.

       Things are better now so I will be back sharing small things of my everyday life with you.

       Thank you for your patience and understanding!


       In the past 2 weeks many of us had some “egg-y” days 🙂 (yes yes, Easter Holidays) , I too had those days… but I kept my normal eating habits in limits. 

Actually I think this is the only time in the year when I can’t really eat eggs… cause they’re everywhere !!! uhhh…

..something Green finally..  But these days is raining like hell out here.. 

…happy Eddie 🙂 

 … “red-ish” sunset from my terrace..

      My best wishes to ALL of You!


      Have a wonderful week!