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 I actually was preparing this for a while..I just had no time, and I want to do it before it’s already Autumn! 

  I visited Zara to see what’s new and I found sooo many nice things! I actually had a bad opinion of Zara in the past 3-4 years, because in my eyes,and this is my opinion,they lowered the standard and the quality of their products. 

  I still have things-blouses,dresses,pants,skirts-that I bought almost 10 years ago from Zara and they are in such great shape! but whatever I bought in the past 4 years..was very low quality it seems..that’s why I stopped buying lots of things from them..

  Anyway!!! what you will see now, are things I saw online, and that look great in the photos-and are my type and favorite products. I actually have to go to put my hands on them, and to try them out, so I can judge them before giving high scores!







SO! enjoy shopping dear ladies.