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 …in the past days.

    We’ve been on the road these days, and the weather was very unpredictable…sunny in the morning stormy on the day..recovering at sunset..

   Unfortunately Sunday, Eddie (my baby boy) got also stung by a Bee for the first time. We were lucky enough that he is not allergic to the Bee venom.. now we know!

   I was raised in my first years,quite a lot of time by my grandparents. My grandfather also worked with Bees, he made lots of Honey! So obviously I got stung by Bees all my childhood, and more.. but never had a bad reaction. 

  I wouldn’t know now how I would react, but it actually hurts a bit, and poor Eddie cried just 3-4 minutes..then he said he is ok. I mean he is only 2 years and 4 months… I think I cried more at his age when I got stung… 

Oh well! he is my little Man!

sun,slowly disappearing.. I love good “flare” in photos..

darkness came quick!

slowly..storm went by, and sunset could be seen..

after the rain…these great rainbows appeared on our way..

  Wishing Everybody Rainbow after the Rain!!!