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…and I have too many photos and small stories to tell..and not very much time.. 

so…some photos from the road trip,made of course as usual from the car…not very clean windows.. and most photos with SG2- my android phone..

we left on a very good weather, about 2 weeks ago,and after 80 km weather changed drastically and ..there was snow! from +30C heat went down to +5C.. and then..after 10-15 km.. again to +25C..

take a look! 🙂

Rain can be beautiful! 🙂 specially for babies- they just fall asleep!

..in minutes..hell came upon..we were lucky enough to have (still) our winter tires, and just minutes before this,we were talking about not having time to change the tires with the summer ones, before this trip...

…snow actually…

poor people.. so much destroyed in just 15 minutes.. but lately I’ve heard about many weather changes in storms around the world and so.. it’s not just in my photos..

and! the ‘devil’ is awake!!! but he was such a good kid on this 10 hours car trip! can’t complain!

the vip in our car…

..what we left behind!!!!

what was ahead of us! 🙂 sooooo beautiful!

some amazing colors…



ARRIVED at our summer house-( soon to be our temporary living house)

..we arrived well in the night, Eddie was already sleeping, and weather was okay!

 second day,we inspected the yard..the small pool the old building we still have on our property..meanwhile due to some storms parts of it fell down and we started demolishing it.. we wanted to do this years ago, but there was no time.. 

not our house! 🙂 don’t worry!

ceiling fell down.. and not only..

pool was in a ..bad shape 🙂 as you can see! 

our best traveling “friend”..we always take her!

our best new “toy” (new grill)- we bought it second day of arriving..the other one was in the destroyed building..and the ceiling collapsed on it..so we had to do something 🙂 

Eddie’s new “toy” ! 



..and Eddie took advantage of it!!!

first in his bucket.. 🙂

…then in the pool!

  well…I don’t want to get you bored with tooooo many photos, so I’ll save some for next days too!

  meanwhile bad weather came..I mean colder, we spent time painting stuff outside,gardening, repairing..and so on! 

…and already we have to go back tomorrow 😦 to pack more things to bring here and move..we’ll be back in 2 weeks 🙂

Greetings to all of You – my beautiful readers!