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….and some quite time photos..

    I admit many years ago I went to this ”solarium” thing-to get a tan…because I thought it’s not as bad as the sun.. but then I just dropped it, cause it’s almost the same thing, and I got bored staying there more than 25 minutes… and because all wanna be “diva” youngish girls were tanned in this thing specially in winter and they popped out in your eyes on the streets like some burned tomatoes ready for ketchup! So..I gave up.

   I can honestly say I haven’t stayed in the sun to get a tan for about 10 years now.. NO! not as you think-like not at all- no, I stayed, but not with my face..and neck.. and arms.. and I only exposed for very few time, early in the mornings or late in the afternoons, so my legs were most tanned of my body, and also..not very cause I am using quite a high SPF protection.. 

  Some of You (bikini fan girls) may disagree, but this is only my choice, and I am not trying to convince anyone that they could die of skin cancer and so on ..if they expose heavily.. (which by the way is true).


..this would be my everyday protection of the face and neck line- from Paula’s Choice (I love her products)-with no irritants, no perfume, and REAL sun protection-I am saying real protection because some of the most expensive and famous brands women are using,are actually lying about the SPF…Yes! trust me-I’ll make a list soon,and will also give you the ingredients that you have to look in, to actually decide if you want to buy it or not,or if it has protection or not,and very important..try  everything with no perfume!

  2 products are foundations both with 15 SPF,one is a daily lotion with 15 SPF- always on my face.

   for the hair, I still use this spray from wella-it’s ok, but a bit greasy.. in any case I keep my hair wrapped so I don’t really care. I also use a higher SPF from Paula-of about 45 SPF for face,neck.     

  Also for face and body,and for my baby boy Coppertone of 50 SPF is quite good, Neutrogena of 70 SPF is very good on my face-does not make it oily at all,and also not white like many creams on the market. Hyseac from Uriage of 50 SPF is for face- but I don’t use it there cause it has perfume and I only saw that after I had to quickly buy something one time I was on the road..but I would not really recommend it..I use it on arms.. and Babylove from  Sonnencreme-you can find it in any Billa,Muller or dm-drogeriemarkt shops usually.. it has 50 Spf and it makes you kid of white 🙂 but it’s a very high and good protection for kids and pregnant women.

..you also have to take care of the lips,and this is what I use, 20 SPF from SunDance (also in Billa shops)

  in the worse and unhappy incident of getting burned.. you can sleep at night with this spray-contains lidocaine- but most of these calming sprays for burns do. you can find in cvs,but I think at wallgreens or other pharmacies too,and also other brands. I just grabbed this one for my hubby-he always gets burned while working in the sun. 


   meanwhile,I was checking some lip care products (I’m addicted,I know) and I found this :

very tasty lipcare!  depends what you usually order 🙂

and some “divas” from the fairylands!

but I chose this! I guess because I am not a drinker of any of the juices and I missed the taste of this one! I only drink water-90% of the time..some coffee.. and Yes I know-the so called poison-RedBull.. but quite rarely..unfortunately it gives me this feeling– that I should have had in high school — of doing something wrong –like smoking in high school 🙂 I never did.. I still don’t.. but I get this feeling with RedBull 🙂 ..

[ps:I was a boring highschool student, never drank, never smoked, never went to parties-I had better things to do ..like studying.. which not all the time is okay-sometimes you should taste some bad things so that you know they are bad!! instead I got drunk in my 4th year of University when I had to give my final exams and should have learned!!! ..that’s what I call BAD TIMING 🙂]

 🙂 of course..I was looking for a nice nude..and ended up with ..yellow again! something wrong with me..

and..bad news,I am not very pleased with it..cause again I have to put 3 layers..and drying is not as fast as they claim!!!  but the color is okay.. so I would give it a 2 star.. 😦


…meanwhile.. Eddie ended up in his wonderland..:) 


he had some tough decisions to make.. 🙂


later..he tried walking in …my shoes..


 ..and it fitted him soooo welllll 🙂 🙂 🙂 ! 

[old navy slippers,very cheap(5 bucks) and very durable :), and I also love my ipanemas, and soon will buy some colorful havaianas as they have some nice colors for me!]

Wishing all of You Sunny days!!! and NO burning!!!