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– part 1-

…one of my favorite brand in Italy. I also love Kocca Jeans-they are fabulous.. and best shirts ever –Nara Camicie!! love them! 

YOU Lucky Italians

   I never ordered online from Denny Rose because I learned that what you see, is not really what you get-specially in the textiles they use.. 

   I bought clothes and shoes from Denny, and by luck I went in one of their shops and tried everything cause their sizes are the ”old school” ones- that means that if you are today a 36-38 or an S or M or a 27-29 size to different clothes,well in Italy you would be at least one size bigger!! meaning – a 40-42, an M-L, and a 30-32. I’ll explain better for who doesn’t understand. 

   So, years ago, being in Siena, I went to their shop and I tried my then 36-38 sizes and none fit !!! so they gave me at least one size bigger to everything 😦 ups! they fit.. 

   I was a bit disappointed with the fabrics of the things I wanted to buy-in the catalog they seemed different and when I had them in my hands I felt they were low quality and cheap textiles.. 😦 hope that changed by now. Prices are a bit higher that a normal brand (mango, zara, beneton, sisley..or so) but okay, affordable. 

   Cheap Theory is a line from Denny, and I think their jeans are really Super! great style, at least on my taste! but I have to be there to buy and try..

  So check the photos and see if you like this brand, then..buy a ticket to Italy 🙂 fall in Love with a beautiful Italian macho 🙂 and then..make him buy you Denny Rose clothes! 🙂

(no offence to anyone it’s just a small joke )

You can see the whole catalog (lookbook) and an online shopping link -if you are interested,here: